Julio Sivautt – Guitar and Lead Vocals

As a kid he began his working life by selling empanadas in the streets of Buenos Aires. Today he is composer, lead singer and plays the guitar with Chochan Volador.

Hiula Rodríguez – Drums and Percussion

Hiula (el doctor) is a former marine biologist; after being a flea trainer on the street markets of Mexico City, he is now the doctor of drums and percussion at Chochan Volador.

Peter Schwartz – Trumpet

From Hannover to Berlin, in the 90’s he drove girls crazy with his motorbike and his bbq perfomance: turning sausages and shaking maracas at the same time. Now he is Chochan Volador’s “lord of the winds”, trumpet player.

Lena Donat – Flute and Vocals

Already as a little girl in Hamburg she wanted to save the world from environmental pollution and capitalism – by refusing to take a shower. Now she sings and plays the flute with Chochan Volador.

Marcelo Iraci – Solo Guitar and Vocals

From Buenos Aires to Rio de Janeiro, to Malaga, to Berlin, former top scorer in Buenos Aires’ football league, fourth division. He now plays the guitar and clarinette with Chochan Volador. (1)

Emilio Madeo – Bass

Coolest member of the band, from Rosario. He used to fish sardines in Argentinian waters – now he catches our audiences with his double bass grooves. (8)

Serafin de Janeiro – Trumpet and b. Vocals

From Santiago of Chile. He used to make a living from dancing Salsa and Bachata while baking “marraquetas” in Chile, Argentina or Brasil. Now he also impresses everyone but this time with his dancing trumpet grooves.

Ares Gratal Martínez – Accordion and b. Vocals

From Lleida, Spain. The newest member of the band used to be a “cantaora” at a well known flower’s market in Catalonia. Now she makes also the accordion sound colourful with her groove and melodies.

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Our Guest Musicians:

Gabriel Beltrame – Bass and Backing Vocals
Jorge Peralta – Accordion and Backing Vocals

Julian Bach – Tenor Saxophone
Stefan “Kurt” Liebeskind – Trombone
Pablo Woiz – Keyboards
Dante Parraguez – Drums