The Band

Julio Sivautt – Lead Vocals / Guitar – At the age of twelve he began his career selling empanadas on his bike in southern Buenos Aires. He lived in Bolivia, Brasil and England. Now he is based in Berlin, where in 2016 he formed Chochán Volador as a composer, lead singer, guitar player and entertainer.

Dante ParraguezPercussion / Producer – Drummer, percussionist, producer and arranger. Born in Santiago de Chile, he also lived in Hamburg, Barcelona and now Berlin. Owner of Kilohertz Studio.

Serafin de Janeiro – Trumpet / Composer – Trumpet player-composer-arranger from Santiago de Chile. He studied music in Chile, Argentina and Brazil, and joined Chochan Volador in 2019.

Aníbal Schmidt – Bass – Born in Bologna, Italy. He grew up in Chile. Studied and participated in many musical projects and recordings in Chile and Italy. He moved to Berlin in 2017 and joined Chochán Volador in 2020.

Lena Donat – Vocals / Flute – Originally from Hamburg, Germany. She also lived in Ecuador, Mexico, South Africa, Scotland and Belgium, and has now settled in Berlin. She joined to Chochán Volador in 2016.

Matías Semproníi – Drums – From Santiago del Estero, Argentina. He studied music and communication in the Patagonia. Over the years he played with different projects as a session drummer. Now he has settled in Berlin and joined the band in 2019.

Guest musicians

Pablo Woiz – Keyboards (Argentina): born in Buenos Aires where he studied music. Settled in Berlin since 2006, has been touring acrtoss Europe, Asia and Amercia. Specialized in tango and Latinamerican rythms. Arranger and composer from his own project Pablo Woiz & Milonga Roots

Nulu – Saxophone (Chile): Manuel Barahona Olate, born in Rancagua and reaised in Santiago. Studied with Edén Carrasco and has been part of many projects. Settled in Berlin, plays with Kokokollektiv and The Garlic We Crush

Cheva Yáñez – Guitar (Chile): born in Santiago de Chile, plays the guitar and charango. He studied the electric guitar in Chile and Argentina. He currently lives and participates in various projects in Berlin.

OUR FRIENDS (ex members)

Hiula Rodríguez – Percussion (Mexico)

Peter Schwarzt – Trumpet (Germany)

Gabriel Beltrame – Bass / Vocals (Argentina)

Marcelo Iraci – Guitar / Vocals (Argentina)

Jorge Peralta – Accordeon (Chile)

Emilio Madeo – Bass (Argentina)

Ares Gratal Martínez – Accordeon (Spain)