Zapato Rojo

1. Qué calor
2. Comprate un perro
3. El cheto ladrón
4. Zapato rojo
5. Desierto
6. Sardinas
7. Costumbres silenciosas
8. No Lord


About Us

Chochán Volador’s music is poetry, groove, and political statement drawing from a rich spectrum of Latin-American rhythms like Cumbia, Murga, Milonga Rioplatense and Tango, fused with Ska, Funk and Rock. The band started in Berlin in 2016 with musicians from Latin America and Europe.

With their distinct approach to storytelling and irresistible beats, Chochán Volador has crafted music that goes straight into your heart, feet and mind. Their lyrics speak against corruption, racism, sexism, social inequality, environmental pollution and any form of injustice.

Interview at Radio Bukowski